Web Analytics

Whether you just need support with your Hootsuite analytics, support with Google Analytics figures or a complete analytics solution we are here to help. the social media analytics cycle Coffee Marketing work on a 5 part analytics principal. The basis of analytics is that data is nothing without defining what story it is trying to tell and appreciating what actions can be taken from recommendations.

Analytics Services:

marketing services offered  Online audience profiling

marketing services offered  Social media performance analysis

marketing services offered  Social media traffic analytics

marketing services offered  Total web traffic analytics

marketing services offered  Goal/ conversion rate assessment

marketing services offered  Online brand mentions and impact reporting

Analytics is nothing without action. With greater segmentation, tools and more data than ever before, it has never been so important to ensure you have the right analytics in place. We can set up your web analytics, create automated reports or custom dashboards. Our focus is creating quality intelligence, which accurately measures your key web metrics and the impact of your marketing activity. Google Analytics has made it easy to access data, but very few set up analytics to match their marketing goals and ensure it leads to tangible action. Coffee Marketing use an array of tools depending on the needs of your business from; Hootsuite to Sprout social, Google Analytics and many others.

Hootsuite Reports

Coffee Marketing create Hootsuite Reports or custom reports based on the needs of your business

But we don’t stop there. Our analysis starts with data, but is complimented with a more in-depth look at your social media eco-system so we can match qualitative audience insights with the quantitative hard numbers to give you powerful action points that will have the most positive outcome on your business. Our reports are designed for what makes sense for your business, whether visual, numeric or focused on analysis: Coffee Marketing will create a solution that suits your team. Create actionable analytics with Coffee Marketing

custom analytics dashboard

An example of Coffee Marketing’s custom analytics dashboard using Google Analytics data.