Why social networks should look the same

New Facebook newsfeed

Our premise of why social networks should look the same? Well why wouldn’t they!? As Stephen Fry once said “An original idea…. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.” With the launch of Facebook’s new news feed, the digital industry has been buzzing with the observation Facebook has been taking style […]

Turning your newsletter into social email

using social media content

Much discussion exists on whether or not email is going to “die”… Let’s summarise this before focusing on the more important best practices and how email communication can become the more powerful “social email”. (Reading between the lines this means we believe that email is here to stay but that its purpose and use will […]

LinkedIn today global recruitment company tomorrow?

People around the world

It seems that the recruitment sector are a little bit concerned (to put it mildly) about the future of their industry and LinkedIn. Coffee marketing are lucky enough to be privy to a few pieces of insider information and knowledge from a range of industries.  Recently we heard from a trustworthy source within one of the […]

Owned versus Earned Media Series

Funny McDonald pic

In this two part Owned versus Earned Media series we are looking at how brands are moving from the creation of owned media to earned media  and the impact this is having on brands and businesses along the way.  We offer examples, ask questions and offer ideas for what tomorrow might look like. Part 1. […]