Social Media Marketing for Small businesses

Why should a small company like mine get involved with Social Marketing? 3 point summary for the time starved: 1.    People are not using traditional media sources like the yellow pages anymore to find businesses- the Internet is quicker and easier to do so. 2.    It enables you to reach out to the most relevant […]

Get the most from LinkedIn in 3 stages

LinkedIn is a social network made for professionals of all kinds. It has over 50 million members around the world and adds approximately 1 new member per second. The majority of LinkedIn users have management and senior management titles and all companies listed in the FTSE 250 are represented on the social network. Over half […]

Top 10 reasons that any Social Marketing Strategy MUST be tailored

I am about to write a series of “Marketing Example” posts that are completely against what good quality and effective marketing should look like. It is not what Coffee Marketing stands for, nor is what I would suggest a business buys into, whether it appears to provide good value for money or not. By this […]

Social Reflection Series: Jarvis (1994)

Jarvis (1994) This model takes into consideration that different situations induce (and may require) different approaches and furthers Kolb and Fry’s (1975) model as a result. As a more ‘web’ based diagram with more possible outcomes (e.g. memorisation of the situation, or practiced experimentation), scenarios that did not fit into Kolb and Fry’s (1975) model […]