Start at the top with Marketing Strategy

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We work with many clients who claim to have a marketing strategies but are actually failing to base it on the most important questions- Where do we want to be and how are we going to get there? Obvious but essential to winning marketing strategy. What? Understanding the nature of strategy is necessary to define […]

To Use Facebook or Not To Use Facebook?

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Someone asked me whether they should use Facebook. As the use of social media takes center  stage in today’s marketing strategy consideration and its move into mainstream marketing it is time to consider whether it is worth it at all. Or are we too late for that already!? There have been plenty of stories of large brands […]

Owned versus Earned Media Series

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In this two part Owned versus Earned Media series we are looking at how brands are moving from the creation of owned media to earned media  and the impact this is having on brands and businesses along the way.  We offer examples, ask questions and offer ideas for what tomorrow might look like. Part 1. […]

Twitter Custom RSS feeds provide relevance and scale

Twitter can be used in many ways and reformatted to compile custom streams based on interests, people in almost countless ways, especially using Twitter Custom RSS feeds. With the recent twitter clamp down on developers however twitter is attempting to regain control of and wall in their eco-system so people need to head to twitter […]