Social Media Battleground Christmas 2014

For social media marketers 2014 is a particularly exciting year.  Social media has been around and growing to mass market and mainstream use now for approaching 10 years. The fight is on. Time has indeed flown by and social media’s commercial potential has long been cited, but in 2014 the battlegrounds are finally drawn and […]

SnapChat not under threat from poor cousin Instagram

Screenshot of Snapchat by Wired

Facebook’s failed purchase of SnapChat is clearly having some impact at Instagram HQ, with a rival photo sharing service. The $3billion deal is off and the development race is on. They clearly believe the functionality and service Snapchat has developed is one that will become profitable for the social network in light of Instagram’s introduction […]

Turning your newsletter into social email

using social media content

Much discussion exists on whether or not email is going to “die”… Let’s summarise this before focusing on the more important best practices and how email communication can become the more powerful “social email”. (Reading between the lines this means we believe that email is here to stay but that its purpose and use will […]

90% of digital marketing is building a customer database

loading database

Digital marketing offers a huge number of media channels, devices, networks and platforms. Across these channels a vast array of data is collected. Today customer databases are the powerhouses and new drivers of digital marketing. What are databases and why marketers need them? Initially user data was necessary to power the delivery of content and […]