Social Media Battleground Christmas 2014

For social media marketers 2014 is a particularly exciting year.  Social media has been around and growing to mass market and mainstream use now for approaching 10 years. The fight is on. Time has indeed flown by and social media’s commercial potential has long been cited, but in 2014 the battlegrounds are finally drawn and […]

Social Websites Take Marketing Beyond Social

busy undifferentiated street

The website today is a shop window for many companies, whether they are selling their wares online or other less tangible products and services. But, imagine the scene in a real setting- an infinite row of virtual shops more congested than Oxford street and endless varieties of garish signs that scream for business, yet blend […]

90% of digital marketing is building a customer database

loading database

Digital marketing offers a huge number of media channels, devices, networks and platforms. Across these channels a vast array of data is collected. Today customer databases are the powerhouses and new drivers of digital marketing. What are databases and why marketers need them? Initially user data was necessary to power the delivery of content and […]

Get the most from LinkedIn in 3 stages

LinkedIn is a social network made for professionals of all kinds. It has over 50 million members around the world and adds approximately 1 new member per second. The majority of LinkedIn users have management and senior management titles and all companies listed in the FTSE 250 are represented on the social network. Over half […]