Google SERPs Remarketing

SERPs Remarketing is here and making a splash in the world of search marketing. Are you ready!? Remarketing for Search is a powerful new targeting option for marketers that is likely to be a  game changer for search marketers and leads to new complexity in creating and managing search campaigns. Google’s aim is to enable […]

Attention is the New Marketing Currency

attention online

Privacy is dead, and social media hold smoking gun- CNN Oct 28th 2009 I thought I would share this article, as it follows Coffee Marketing’s thinking, although it is more focused on privacy, which is an area we have opinion but not the expertise to warrant comment. Privacy best practice and law will always exist […]

Performance Payment Increasing- What and Why?

The above graph from the Internet Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Cooper came out at the end of last year and so is a little outdated.  However this has been subsequently supported by more recent numbers amounting to the same conclusion, yet their source credibility was too low for me to want to quote here- […]

Industry Jargon

Jargon… We all love to hate it. Jargon terms are used within industries to separate those who are “in” (the Industry) and those who are “out”.  It is used to qualify people as experts within their given subjects and used within a discipline often to abbreviate a meaning for time saving purposes in their daily […]