Social Media Battleground Christmas 2014

For social media marketers 2014 is a particularly exciting year.  Social media has been around and growing to mass market and mainstream use now for approaching 10 years. The fight is on. Time has indeed flown by and social media’s commercial potential has long been cited, but in 2014 the battlegrounds are finally drawn and […]

Twitter Custom RSS feeds provide relevance and scale

Twitter can be used in many ways and reformatted to compile custom streams based on interests, people in almost countless ways, especially using Twitter Custom RSS feeds. With the recent twitter clamp down on developers however twitter is attempting to regain control of and wall in their eco-system so people need to head to twitter […]

When the Social Internet and Tracking Collide

There are two questions we are often asked; Small business: “What relevance are online communities to my business?” Marketing industry: “Can you measure your return on investment in social media?” We thought we would let you know Coffee Marketing’s perspective on this. Do drop us a line if you want more information on how this […]

Performance Payment Increasing- What and Why?

The above graph from the Internet Advertising Bureau and Price Waterhouse Cooper came out at the end of last year and so is a little outdated.  However this has been subsequently supported by more recent numbers amounting to the same conclusion, yet their source credibility was too low for me to want to quote here- […]