Revenue Analytics Attribution for Digital Marketing

do what is right for web analytics and digital marketing

Marketers and business owners are now faced with far more marketing channels and online media options than there has been before. The release of new digital technology and social media is increasing exponentially, and they are now armed with more metrics than ever before. But what to do with them and which perform best?  A fundamental question that few […]

Metrics for Social Applications (and Social Media)

I was reading a fairly old piece of research by Forrester at the weekend. It is called “Measuring Social Applications in a downturn” (Josh Bernhoff, Sept 2008).  I was doing so to see how far the thinking around measuring social marketing and social applications has developed over the last half-year or so. Were we any […]

When the Social Internet and Tracking Collide

There are two questions we are often asked; Small business: “What relevance are online communities to my business?” Marketing industry: “Can you measure your return on investment in social media?” We thought we would let you know Coffee Marketing’s perspective on this. Do drop us a line if you want more information on how this […]