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Ofir Sapir. Managing Director, Oridian UK

Truly professional, hardworking, knowledgeable, quick to grasp and process ideas in real-time. This is far from trivial in our business and notably enables Coffee Marketing to deliver first class strategies. He is always on the ball and open to new ideas, which also makes him a good & trustworthy business partner.

Mark Sekree. Partner, 3-S Financial

Coffee Marketing are great at listening closely to what I wanted to achieve, then devised and clearly explained the strategies to efficiently accomplish this. The qualifications, background and comfort Alistair displays with the topics that are on the cutting edge of productive marketing techniques mark him out as an expert pioneer in an extremely cost effective field.

Marko Orenius. Business Development Director, Watagame

Alistair is a real go-to expert on social media and marketing in this space. I really appreciated the practical and immediate actions he recommended and delivered on. Alistair is a great asset to have on the team when working on the complex and overlapping area of social media and trying to make progress with your own brand in this jungle.



Client: London Breakbeat Orchestra

Work Output: London Breakbeat Orchestra was gaining initital attention from radio producers and headline artists.  However monetisation and a long-term plan was missing.  Coffee Marketing began a detailed review of the music industry and how they could make a greater impact and monetise the band in the long-term, resulting in coverage on radio 1 and a record label deal on the table.