Social Network Abuse Twitter vs Habbo

Collymore on TV after racial abuse

In June 2012 Channel 4 embarked on an attack on the most prominent and largest social network of its day – Habbo Hotel. At that time I had left Habbo, as their UK marketing manager for 5 years. Social network abuse surfaced at the time around underage sex and pornographic chat. Surely after all this […]

Twitter Custom RSS feeds provide relevance and scale

Twitter can be used in many ways and reformatted to compile custom streams based on interests, people in almost countless ways, especially using Twitter Custom RSS feeds. With the recent twitter clamp down on developers however twitter is attempting to regain control of and wall in their eco-system so people need to head to twitter […]

Social Marketing Fails To Reach Small Businesses

There are some current trends that are currently most at odds and this interests Coffee Marketing. 1) Online advertising expenditure continues to increase unabated. In 2008 $23.45bn was spent online, an increase of 10.5% (IAB PwC Ad Spend report full year, 2008). 2) The increasing amount of discussion around and rate of “social media marketing” […]