Social Network Abuse Twitter vs Habbo

Collymore on TV after racial abuse

In June 2012 Channel 4 embarked on an attack on the most prominent and largest social network of its day – Habbo Hotel. At that time I had left Habbo, as their UK marketing manager for 5 years. Social network abuse surfaced at the time around underage sex and pornographic chat. Surely after all this […]

Attention is the New Marketing Currency

attention online

Privacy is dead, and social media hold smoking gun- CNN Oct 28th 2009 I thought I would share this article, as it follows Coffee Marketing’s thinking, although it is more focused on privacy, which is an area we have opinion but not the expertise to warrant comment. Privacy best practice and law will always exist […]

Industry Jargon

Jargon… We all love to hate it. Jargon terms are used within industries to separate those who are “in” (the Industry) and those who are “out”.  It is used to qualify people as experts within their given subjects and used within a discipline often to abbreviate a meaning for time saving purposes in their daily […]