Start at the top with Marketing Strategy

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We work with many clients who claim to have a marketing strategies but are actually failing to base it on the most important questions- Where do we want to be and how are we going to get there? Obvious but essential to winning marketing strategy. What? Understanding the nature of strategy is necessary to define […]

Social Reflection Series: Jarvis (1994)

Jarvis (1994) This model takes into consideration that different situations induce (and may require) different approaches and furthers Kolb and Fry’s (1975) model as a result. As a more ‘web’ based diagram with more possible outcomes (e.g. memorisation of the situation, or practiced experimentation), scenarios that did not fit into Kolb and Fry’s (1975) model […]

Social Reflection Series: John (2000)

John (2000) John (2000) is useful in helping our understanding of how we actually reflect on issues and as such may provide a useful addition to the structure of reflection suggested by Jarvis. Again it is important to note here that context is king.  As reflection is an internal (as well as potentially externally directed […]

The Gap Steps Up to Social Media- Without Targets

How to secure a multi-million pound social marketing deal without targets? A new advertising campaign from Gap Apparrel, titled “Born to Fit”, was recently announced (in an article by Quenqua, ClickZ).  This campaign interestingly (for Coffee Marketing in particular) included no TV advertising.  I am sure this is most to the failing commercial TV stations dismay.  Instead Gap […]