Social Plugin Fraud Identification


Now that social media reputation and social endorsement is valuable and tradeable, social plugin fraud identification will become a crucial part of the decision making process. It may also lead to undermining the core value social media creates in creating trust and reputation online. What if we cannot trust social media after all? As humans we are […]

Social Network Abuse Twitter vs Habbo

Collymore on TV after racial abuse

In June 2012 Channel 4 embarked on an attack on the most prominent and largest social network of its day – Habbo Hotel. At that time I had left Habbo, as their UK marketing manager for 5 years. Social network abuse surfaced at the time around underage sex and pornographic chat. Surely after all this […]

Why social networks should look the same

New Facebook newsfeed

Our premise of why social networks should look the same? Well why wouldn’t they!? As Stephen Fry once said “An original idea…. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.” With the launch of Facebook’s new news feed, the digital industry has been buzzing with the observation Facebook has been taking style […]

To Use Facebook or Not To Use Facebook?

Just a little frustrated

Someone asked me whether they should use Facebook. As the use of social media takes center  stage in today’s marketing strategy consideration and its move into mainstream marketing it is time to consider whether it is worth it at all. Or are we too late for that already!? There have been plenty of stories of large brands […]