Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a way of measuring the amount of discussions that occurs between people online about a brand or company.

Through using powerful, industry standard tool we sift through thousands of online conversations relating to core areas of your business to identify the impact your brand and business are having on social media and the conversations that are taking place around it.

Social media analysis is powerful in that it directly identifies views and opinions held about your business, your brand’s impact online, your share of voice compared to your competition.

This can be used to develop future marketing strategies, support PR campaigns, optimise social marketing activity, enhance your customer support, competitive analysis and provide a wide range of business insights. Social media monitoring is especially powerful when combined with web analytics and is used to inform our more detailed social media strategy reports.

Results are compiled into a report for you to be able to provide valuable feedback for any business in any industry.  At a relative low cost to set-up, buzz monitoring helps to identify customer service issues, sales opportunities, positive referrals and much more, all based on your specific needs.

Coffee Marketing use a variety of professional tools to ensure that a wide number of sources are used and rich data is obtained to provide a top marketing research channel.  Finally, we can help you take over and begin running your own buzz monitoring activity, by training you and your staff, if and when you have sufficient resources.  We have seen many companies make buzz monitoring a natural part of their daily operations as a way of staying way ahead of the competition and growing their business!


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