Search Engine Marketing

90% of consumers say they research what product or service is right for them online and tapping into this enables companies to promote themselves to people actively looking for what they offer.

Coffee Marketing Consultancy can help you understand which practices are right for your company to increase it visibility to those interested in your service, as well as execute them on your behalf

Search Marketing Services:

marketing services offered  Search/ Display Campaign Build

marketing services offered  Pay per Click Advertising

marketing services offered  Campaign Optimisation

marketing services offered  Google Adwords and Bing Advertising Strategy

marketing services offered  Local Search Marketing

Coffeemarketing Icon Website Optimisation:

Non-visible changes to a website that make it easier for search engines to include the site and place it nearer the top pages.

Coffeemarketing Icon Sponsored listing:

Text links appear at the top or side of page 1 search results for specific keywords, offering great visibility for your website. Generally the more a marketer bids, the higher the position it receives.

Coffeemarketing Icon Contextual advertising:

Text links appear in articles based on the context of the content, instead of what people are searching for. This makes your advert relevant to the viewer’s interests.

Coffeemarketing Icon Paid Inclusion:

This guarantees that your company’s URL is indexed by a search engine. The exact listing and where it appears is determined by the search engine.