Pay per Click Advertising

adwords-qualified-professionalSearch and display advertising can lack the power of social media marketing’s interactivity, yet it is an extremely cost effective way of increasing website traffic in a controlled manner.

Coffee Marketing have extensive experience combining the two driving high volumes of traffic as part of the whole brand experience, while ensuring your investment goals are met.

Display advertising enables you to show your brand off to millions of people at relatively low cost and with a long-term view can be charged only when you meet your objective via a Cost per Lead campaign.  By using advertising networks including Google and Bing we are able to offer the lowest rates and the ability to target your customers with precision to deliver the best results.


The next generation of advertising is also here-  Interactive Advertising.  These rich media formats allow potential customers interact with the banner itself.  This can be used to collect email addresses, increase attention in your message and provide more information than standard display advertising.   Contact the Search team to find out more.

Search Marketing Services:

marketing services offered  Search/ Display Campaign Build

marketing services offered  Pay per Click Advertising

marketing services offered  Campaign Optimisation

marketing services offered  Google Adwords and Bing Advertising Strategy

marketing services offered  Local Search Marketing