Dear Friends of Coffee Marketing


As a BIG thanks to you all!…

Coffee Marketing believes positive collaboration between people result in win-win situations. We want to thank everyone who support us.  So, this is for all friends of Coffee Marketing who help us succeed. This is why we have won 3 clients in 2 months.

We simply wanted to find a way to thank people who help us succeed. Sure people refer business all the time, but we want to recognise that by giving a financial reward in current challenging financial times!

What is the deal exactly?

Coffeemarketing Icon Coffee Marketing will give you 15% of any business you refer to us (alternatively we can take you to dinner or drinks to the same value if you prefer!)

Coffeemarketing Icon Business refers to when we have a signed insertion order confirming that the party you have referred to us is using Coffee Marketing services.  What are they?

Coffeemarketing Icon The 15% is available on any amount and is to the value stated on the insertion order we receive.

Coffeemarketing Icon This is only available to people who are friends with Coffee Marketing on any of our social profiles.

Coffeemarketing Icon It is not available to anyone who works for the company that is taking Coffee Marketing.

How else can you help Coffee Marketing and get involved?

Coffeemarketing Icon If you own a website that is relevant to Coffee Marketing’s business we will be happy to exchange links with you to promote both our businesses.

Coffeemarketing Icon Do mention us to friends, family and acquaintances.

Coffeemarketing Icon Write about our work on your website, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.