Over Stimulation at Coffee Marketing

Coffee Marketing Over Stimulation

Coffee Marketing Over Stimulation

Health Warning:  It is not advisable to drink as much coffee as this within a day’s period.

It is also not advisable to drink coffee out of a wine glass.  We learnt a lot this week, can’t you tell!?

Business is like buses (although a lot nicer and something we definately welcome… oh and business doesn’t smell bad) they often comes three at a time.  This has meant that Coffee Marketing has been up early this week completing proposals and getting our heads around new industries.

It is a true pleasure to work in social marketing as it requires a true understanding of the consumer from their perspective.  This means getting involved and asking questions (from a personal perspective, not from the brand/ clients at all as yet).

It means;

– Breaking down how people tick

– What keeps them engaged

–  Understanding what do they do for fun

– Looking at how they express themselves; are they formal?  Do they use standard text speak, or what I call teenage code (an amalgomation of text speak that is abbreviated with cyber references e.g. “Epic Fail” or “pwn”

– Consuming the media and niche websites they do;  check out Weeble-Stuff and LOL cats for example

It is only by truly immersing yourself in someone elses world that you can figure out how you can relate to them and motivate them… and that takes a LOT of coffee!

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