Social Marketing

The key to marketing today is in the relationships businesses have with their customers. Social media marketing is an approach that is now accepted as a fundamental marketing discipline, but in reality has existed since before the birth of the Internet.

Definition of “Social”:  “Pertaining to or characterized by friendly companionship or relationships

Social media marketing often refers to brands setting up a ‘presence’ on social networks to communicate with their target audience.

However the opportunities and options are far greater than this.

The aim of social media marketing is to engage with relevant groups to create mutual value and relationships. Success comes by understanding your objectives and target audience.  An effective social marketing strategy will dig deep into both to produce a sustainable action plan that works within budget.

There are numerous ways to engage with people online; profile pages, widgets, social applications, sharing relevant content etc. Each are relevant at different times for different clients, so get in touch to find out which is right for your business.

Coffee Marketing have created a set of options to provide an example of what your business could do in this area, but we work with all clients to create a solution that meets your exact objective and budget.

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