Cost per Lead

The recession is here and this means that companies need to save money!

Maybe, but cost saving is always on the agenda.

Marketing often required significant investment and often the return was hard to measure.

No longer!  Coffee Marketing have created a unique solution for companies who want to ensure that their marketing investment delivers a measured return at a profit!”Cost per lead” charges you when this objective has been met, to ensure that you are spending money when you meet your objective.

Cost per Lead is as easy as 1,2, 3 with Coffee Marketing:

Cost per Lead


We track all our marketing activity on social media, search marketing, advertising networks etc via web analytics (We can set this up if you do not have analytics).


This tracking shows us exactly where visitors are coming from and what actions they take on your website.

Most importantly analytics informs us when your objective has been met by our marketing effort, as defined by reaching the ‘target page’ e.g. “Thank you for signing up” page shows visitors have signed up to your service.


A ‘conversion’ code from the publishers (e.g. Google, directories etc.) is also placed on a ‘target page’ you have defined to show we have met your objective.

We will not going into too much more detail here, but if you would like us to show you how this would work for your company then please contact our search team.