Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement refers to the integration of a company within online communities relevant to your areas of business in order to build relationships within them.

Definition of “Community”:Social, religious, occupational or other group sharing common characteristics and perceiving itself as distinct in some respect

The most relevant community for your company must be identified, in addition to an understanding of how you can help the community meet its goals.

Blatant, un-useful marketing is rejected outright, which makes understanding how to create a mutually beneficial relationship with these communities critical for success.

With extensive experience in integrating brands within online communities, we work with the community to ensure it values your company’s contribution and help market your product/ service within their peer groups to meet your objectives.  Coffee Marketing Consultancy also works with the relevant industry bodies to keep ahead of this discipline.  Feel free to have a look at some examples of what works, or give us a call to arrange a coffee with us to discuss ideas of how you could benefit from reaching out to a potential group of customers online.