Mobile app platform mobilises Facebook communities

A recently launched mobile app platform Airbeem ties all the most recent development of social media together to ensure that your social marketing campaigns are cutting edge and delivering maximum value for your clients.

The new now as it were is all about connecting with your community on social media via mobile.

mobile app platform makes the news

Being able to connect with your consumer or customer (or any type of community utilising the Facebook platform for that matter) communities with their mobile handsets so they are always able to receive communication from the brand and facilitate engagement and interaction.  This of course serves to keep the brand top of mind and fight for attention in this fractious world of social media we now live in.

Mobile has been touted as the “next big thing” for a while now and yet most of what we have seen is the reformatting of websites and web pages for consumption on mobile devices.

…. website squashers are not really mobile apps, instead they are are just mobile websites that rearrange an existing website to work on a mobile device and they are really cheap.  Now I’ll keep my rant as short as possible, but that is just plain daft in most cases.  The experience you deliver on a PC vs a mobile device is fundamentally different.

–  Steve Hardman, Airbeem


Indeed.  Although there is a time and the place for this kind of reformatting it is not where the value of mobile lies.  In fact a Microsoft Tag (2012) study found that 91% of mobile users primary use is for socialising and 50% of this was done via social networks.

The vehicle and technology for consuming media and interacting with friends is becoming less important over time.  Increasingly it is the facility (functionality), connectivity (with other platforms being used) and the ease of use of mobile technology that is the driver for adoption.

What value does Airbeem deliver exactly?

Airbeem ties a custom Facebook tab, mobile device and administrator dashboard together to enable content creation, seamless sharing and a direct route to communicating with the mobile app’s users at any given time.  This is powerful stuff and has a variety of uses for a variety of industries.

The mobile app i sdownloaded by your fans to establish a direct communication channel between you and your fans. At the core of each mobile app is a “conversation stream” to engage fans on two levels. First, it re-publishes your existing social media content (Facebook Page posts, Tweets, blog RSS and custom messages). Second, it publishes fan-generated content uploaded direct from mobile devices…

Of course there are other companies out there who produce mobile applications, but Airbeem balances customisation with its easy to use user interface.  Campaigns can be easily created and content flow between the mobile application and Facebook custom tab is both intuitive to use and provides the control necessary to manage the campaign: community content and communication can all be moderated as necessary.


Airbeem told Coffee Marketing that they are still working on releasing a whole host of new functionality like “Like gates” and viral features that will further enhance the ability for brands to connect with their community.

What about distribution?

Airbeem instantly publishes the mobile application to the iTunes and Apple app stores, provides an instantly generated QR code and embed code to facilitate the mobile app’s distribution on any brand owned media property on or offline.

What is needed to make it work of course is a strong value proposition, product discount or competition element to drive participation and brands are on to a winner in increasing their engagement and social media interactions at relatively low cost.

 If you would like to learn more about how Coffee marketing can help you get set up and create a compelling social marketing campaign using Airbeem with ongoing support from our social marketing staff then please get in touch!


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