Objective: Lead Generation

55% of all web traffic is wasted.

On average 40% of visits are unwanted and 5% make the final contact.

Traditional Sales Funnel

The life blood of any business is the generation of quality leads. Yet current analytics measure numbers not leads. Until now.

Coffee Marketing combine the power of social marketing with advanced analytics to generate and send you qualified leads complete with contact information, so you can mobilise your sales team more effectively from ever and join the dots from web to sales.

We can identify:

  • Companies visiting your site, how many times they visited and where from.
  • Which search term they used to find you and the pages they visited so you know what they need.
  • Contact information so you can follow up directly on warm leads and increase conversion rate.

We can increase:

  • Your base of qualified leads through proactively engaging with prospects most likely to be interested in your products and services on social media
  • Your conversion rate by ensuring the leads we send you match your target audience

How it works:

  1. Our social media marketing activity encourages people to visit your website
  2. The Leads Dashboard identifies potential customers and their interest
  3. We send qualified leads directly to your your sales team on a daily or weekly basis
  4. Your sales team contact the prospect armed with all the information they need to convert
  5. Sales are born.
Qualified Leads Dashboard Traffic Source

Qualified leads dashboard displaying traffic sources of all web visitors.

With the lead generation dashboard we identify companies and qualified leads not traffic- rich, tangible data makes sales relevant and targeted.

Qualified Lead Platform

Qualified leads platform dashboard displaying potential leads and the status of the status of the leads.

Remove Friction. Save Money. Win Customers!