Industry Jargon

Jargon… We all love to hate it.

Jargon terms are used within industries to separate those who are “in” (the Industry) and those who are “out”.  It is used to qualify people as experts within their given subjects and used within a discipline often to abbreviate a meaning for time saving purposes in their daily work.

The marketing industry is perhaps slightly different in that marketers seem to thrive on jargon and often strive to create a piece of jargon in order to position themselves as ‘thought leaders’ in the industry.  Note:  In another blog we attempt this feat in “The Socialisation of AIDA” with the terms sAIDA, but in a satirical way only… please understand- we’re marketers.

So what Coffee Marketing want to do is create the largest list of digital and social marketing jargon that is contributed to by everyone….  that way there is no way of missing any untoward terms that baffle.

The problem with the current lists of jargon is that they are either focus on either technical terms (e.g. caching), synonyms (e.g. CPA), or made up words describing specific marketing concepts (Buzz Monitoring).

So a few random examples are below but please do use the button below to see the full list and add to it!


Full Jargon List Here

Avatar A virtual representation of oneself in a Virtual Environment

Brand Engagement The art of engaging a web community with a brand in a way that creates positive reference of the brand within these groups.

Button adA generally static graphical advert, smaller than a banner ad (often 120×60).

Buzz monitoring The practice of monitoring relevant conversations on the internet that are relevant to a company, for purposes of competition, lead generation and reputation management”

CachingStorage of Web files in a temporary folder for later use. Intended on reducing the loading time of a website by user.”

Click-through rate (CTR)The average number of click-throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.”

Conversion rateThe percentage of visitors who take a desired action out of everyone who visits the website”

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