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(Includes strategy mind map* worth £400!)

Coffeemarketing Icon Has your marketing taken a back seat in the recession?
Coffeemarketing Icon Does Digital Marketing and the New Social Media phenomenon make ANY sense?

If you answered “yes” to either of the above, let our social marketing strategist answer all your questions in an hour session designed just for you to make everything clear!  We are here to show you how, not to sell you our services specifically.

What’s the Deal?
During a recession it is tempting to cut marketing communication budgets, as often the ROI is unclear.  However, the Internet provides the opportunity for companies to fully understand the effectiveness of marketing budgets and ensure it is profitable.  This is why the Internet Marketing Spend continues to grow rapidly (17% in the last year- IAB UK, April 2009) when overall spend is falling.

Social Networks like Facebook allow brands to communicate with current and potential clients in the most effective way: on a one to one basis. Understanding the opportunity and getting involved now can increase your market share and grow your business even in these difficult times.

So Simply use the contact form below or email with your company name, industry and web address (if you have one- you don’t need one to take advantage of this offer) to arrange your free consultation today!

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* A mind map is a visual depiction of how your company could strategically use social media to communicate with groups online and meet your marketing objectives.