Bio: Alistair Williams


Current Activity:

Coffeemarketing Icon Growing over 4 years + experience as Sulake UK’s marketing manager creating strategy and delivering; marketing/ PR strategy and execution, marketing partnerships, payment systems and SEM (global).

Coffeemarketing Icon Developing and over 8 years of theory in the Digital Marketing Industry (BA in Advertising and Marketing and MA Digital Media & Creative Practice) with a strong focus on online communities and social technology.


Alistair Williams in the press:

Campaigns and Partnerships:

Coffeemarketing Icon NSPCC campaign strategy and delivery

Coffeemarketing Icon R U Thinking campaign (COI) partnership secured and managed by Alistair and shortlisted for Marketing Industry award

Coffeemarketing Icon Partnered with Rare Communications and Doug Richards (Dragon’s Den) to find the top teen webdesigner

Music Strategy Development:

Coffeemarketing Icon Guardian Newspaper article featuring Alistair’s music strategy in Habbo

Coffeemarketing Icon Article covering Alistair’s campaign to introduce a celebrity into a Virtual World

Coffeemarketing Icon Sky 1 News explaining how Alistair has reformed marketing the music industry

Coffeemarketing Icon Viral video for Ozzy Osbourne’s visit to Habbo, arranged by Alistair Williams

Industry Commentary:

Coffeemarketing Icon Alistair’s commentary regarding the erosion of traditional media due to social networks

Coffeemarketing Icon Virtual Worlds article and commentary

Coffeemarketing Icon Alistair Williams’ commentary regarding competition in the Virtual World market

Product Liaison:

Coffeemarketing Icon PR promotion of new product features

Coffeemarketing Icon Birth of a Brand piece written by Alistair Williams