SnapChat not under threat from poor cousin Instagram

Screenshot of Snapchat by Wired

Facebook’s failed purchase of SnapChat is clearly having some impact at Instagram HQ, with a rival photo sharing service. The $3billion deal is off and the development race is on. They clearly believe the functionality and service Snapchat has developed is one that will become profitable for the social network in light of Instagram’s introduction […]

Why Coffee is like Social Marketing

black coffee in cup

People have long asked us why we are called Coffee Marketing. Some believe it is because we specialise in the coffee industry (that is not the reason at all, but if you work in this sector we’d definately sit down for a coffee with you and pick your brain!).  Others believe it is because we […]

Social Websites Take Marketing Beyond Social

busy undifferentiated street

The website today is a shop window for many companies, whether they are selling their wares online or other less tangible products and services. But, imagine the scene in a real setting- an infinite row of virtual shops more congested than Oxford street and endless varieties of garish signs that scream for business, yet blend […]

Why social networks should look the same

New Facebook newsfeed

Our premise of why social networks should look the same? Well why wouldn’t they!? As Stephen Fry once said “An original idea…. That can’t be too hard. The library must be full of them.” With the launch of Facebook’s new news feed, the digital industry has been buzzing with the observation Facebook has been taking style […]